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Dementia Awareness,

Course Details

Course details will be announced later.

Increase your awareness and understanding of this debilitating condition and provide better care for people living with dementia.

For many families, carers and healthcare professionals dementia has become an increasing concern. The course will provide you with knowledge of the difficulties people with dementia face on a day-to-day basis, the stigma sufferers are labelled with, the challenging behaviour that can surround this condition and ways to overcome them.

Course Overview:

  • De?ning dementia 
  • How dementia affects people and the different ways 
  • Quality dementia care - focusing on what a person can still do.
  • Protecting individuals and working with friends and family
  • Effective communication and its importance
  • Ideas and methods to improve the well being of people with dementia
  • We recommend for all care staff to successfully to complete this course.

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Course Duration: 3hrs